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 Design and Development in the areas Power Electronics, Motor Drives, BLDC, PMSM, IM  motors, Embedded Control Systems, Analog/Digital Circuits, Motion Control, Instrumentation, DAQ Using number of Sensors and etc… starting from a mathematical model, I have the ability to implement Real Time Control on a PIC MCU, DSP and Industrial PCs…[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row type=”vc_default” css=”.vc_custom_1545820229533{background-color: #8c8c8c !important;}”][vc_column][vc_column_text]

Fast Professional Work…

  • Design Export with a record of success in designing, building and testing Embedded Harware and Firmware.
  • BLDC motors D&D with Advanced electric drives (1kW, 3kW & 10kW) and close working experience with OEM’s.
  • Exceptional knowledge of the structure, operation and control of synchronous machines, induction motors & bldc motors.
  • Automotive Electronics products D&D  OBD2,OBD3,Telematics,  EPS and so on.
  • A passion for creating advanced technologies, hardware’s and Firmware’s.

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Service Description…

  • Worked on projects for HCU, JNTU colleges, ICRISAT, BDL, ECIL, HBL, NSTL (DRDO)·
  • Worked directly with several customers to determine their system integration needs, like electrochemical control systems, bldc motor developmentfixtures, electronics test fixtures and R·&D lab test fixtures and so on.
  • Design and Development of BLDC motors as per customer requirements, 3KW (submersed into highly chemical corrosive 100OC environment pumping), 10KW (submersed into highly chemical corrosive 100OC environment pumping), 300KW (AFCRPMSM for HWT Torpedo) and etc.·
    Magneto static· & transient analysis of Electromechanical Motion Devices.
    1. In Maxwell static simulation, obtain spatial air gap flux density distribution under rated
    Operating condition; plot the variation of self-inductance and magnetic flux density distribution.
    2. In Maxwell transient analysis, plot the steady state torque, position and phase currents of rated load and locked
    Rotor operations under rated voltage/external circuit excitation.
  • Infolytica, EMETOR, JMAG Express, Quick Field (Trial Versions) and FEA Simulation Analysis of bldc motor.
  • Mechatronics and Motion Control: Robot· & Actuator Development and other Automated Tools Design and Mechanical Assembly- Motor Drive integration and Automobile EPS and so on.
  • IDE: MPLAB IDE, MPLAB X IDE, MikroC pic, MikroC dspic, MikroC pic32·& KEIL.
  • Languages: Embedded C, PIC ASM Code.
  • Communication Protocols: UART, I2C, SPI, and CAN.
  • Low Level Drivers: complex driver for BLDC motor control, 3 PH Motor control 6 step PWM driver, EPS motor control using PWM(Timer RD),Timers, ICU, ADC, DAC, RTC, DMA, EEPROM, Flash.
  • Tools· & Debuggers: ICE, ICD, Code Simulation, Debugging using H/W UART, LCD, LED and LA.
  • Hardware: Or CAD PSpice, Proteus, SaberRD, NI Multisim, Worst Case Analysis and Tolerance Analysis.
  • MBD: MATLAB Simulation, SABER RD for power electronics simulation and Lab view Simulation as per project needs.
  • Embedded Control using Atmel· & Microchip micro-controllers like 8, 16, 32 bits, DSP, ARM.
  • Conceptually strong individual with an innovative and analytical approach to the work with eye for details.
  • Battery Management Systems (BMS) and Battery Testing using Impedance Spectroscopy·
  • Instrumentation, Sensors and Data Acquisition System and Board Design (DAQ), SCADA, PLC using mcu, wireless SCADA with Lab VIEW GUI and VB GUI.
  • Basic RADAR application’s like proximity fuze design.
  • Experience doing embedded technologies, IOT, GSM, RF, RFID using peripherals and industrial projects.
  • Product design experience with menu-driven LCD HMI using micro-controllers. Very strong technical and analytical skills in troubleshooting circuits and finding root cause of failures.
  • Conducted detailed simulation of motor drive systems with MATLAB Simulink, which included various converter circuits, electric machines (dc, induction, synchronous, PMSM), and different control algorithms (Volt/Hz, Vector, Direct-Torque).