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TESLA EMS aims to improve people’s lives. We enable our clients to fully realise their potential through the latest innovative electronic assistive technology devices. We provide comprehensive, independent living solutions to ensure independence, freedom and peace of mind for our clients and their wider support networks.

Assistive technology product is indispensable to ensure that people with visual/literacy or hearing impairments actively participate in society and lead a self-reliant life. Since participating in the formulation on the “DAISY” (Digital Accessible Information System) which became the world standard for digitally recorded publications, TESLA EMS has been engaged in the development, manufacture and sales of assistive equipment.

Available under the brand name “TESLA EMS”, these products are being used by many physically and visually- impaired people including librarians, transliteration volunteers, book writes/publishers, students, teachers, senior citizens, rehabilitation centers and welfare facilities personnel world wide.

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Hello, World!

What if we told you that you can cut your electricity bills by 40% TESLA EMS Products consumes less energy than even your normal products. Unbelievable? Impossible? Well, we made it possible…

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